Sen Yuren was founded in 1999.

  Nine related companies and one scientific research institute, 200,000 Mu fast-growing Liuzhou base, and two industrial bases for development and reform commissions.

  In recent years, Sen Yuren has cooperated with scientific research institutes and universities to produce high-end industrial production equipment. He has strong technical force, environmental protection and stable and reliable products. His total assets are over 500 million yuan. He has a leading industrial and product planning, R&D and management team in the domestic industry. There are more than 50 high-level and middle-level technical and management personnel and more than 300 employees. Adhering to the trend of "Tao follows nature", following the "afforestation, science and technology leisure park" and other industries, we strive to achieve cluster effect, and realize the integrated development of industrial ecology, health and environmental protection. I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea. Sen Yuren will follow the top design of "national ecological priority, green development" to express the brilliant future of afforestation and environmental protection with a more open mind, sincere cooperation with all sectors of society, seek common development and concerted efforts together!

  Follow the road and succeed. Sen Yuren is a leading industry in six major sectors: high-performance recombinant wood, environmental protection mechanism charcoal, ecological pulp, natural salicylin, wood vinegar, carbon fiber, etc. It provides new resources of high quality, environmental protection and health for domestic and foreign markets. Through the development of environmental protection high-tech fast-growing willow recycling industry chain and the comprehensive utilization of straw as the main industries, combined with the advantages of the base and adapted to local conditions, the core concepts of undergrowth planting, aquaculture and ecological transformation, green environmental protection and beautiful life are developed. Sen Yuren takes building a green environmental protection industry chain as his responsibility, advocates that green mountains and rivers are the national strategy of Jinshan Yinshan, and takes afforestation as the cornerstone to create a healthy and harmless living space for the domestic market. Sen Yuren integrates green planting, ecological aquaculture, development of environmental protection science and technology parks, recovery of mining areas and leisure pension projects, and integrates modern high-tech environmental protection with perfect integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Joint-stock enterprises.